Certificate-Web-Check Tool Tool for ATC Certification

Since beginning a service level agreement to provide the administration, marketing and tech support functions for ATC’s ISO Certification Service in October 2020, Clemark’s Technology team has started a digital transformation project to prepare for the company’s growth.

In the first six months, we implemented a CRM system, built a bespoke tracking system to analyse and structure certification data, and launched a dedicated website to promote the company.

Now we are linking these together with the launch of the Certificate-Web-Check tool, which provides live data on the status of certificates issued by the company.

This helps stakeholders validate a certificate instantly by following a unique URL referenced on the certificate or via the client’s website, speeding up the due diligence process and providing more transparency.

This unique URL retrieves certification information from our system including certification scope and current status.

ISO certification provides a competitive advantage in the language services market and is a requirement of public procurement frameworks. 

If you are an ATC Certification client or have any query about the certification process please contact ATC Certification directly.