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Clemark.Technology builds online subscription hub for

This innovative hub offers a wide range of services to improve firms’ compliance and productivity. The self-serve, subscription model meets the demands of UK-based businesses looking for quick access to knowledgeable resources about ISO Support as well as outsourced Data Protection Officer and and Health and Safety Competent person services.’s Subscription Services Hub enables companies to easily maintain compliance, strengthen security protocols, and boost operational effectiveness.

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Instant Access to Services

The Subscription Services Hub serves businesses from a range of sectors with services organised into three different support tiers to provide companies with the scalability and flexibility they need.

Businesses that subscribe get instant access to a Certificate of Service and will be added to the Contract Database, which allows customers to verify coverage online. 

Tech Stack

Subscription Levels & Payment Gateway
Users register through a WordPress based platform and choose from several subscription levels which then guides them through to a third-party payment platform.

OnBoarding & Follow Up
Once subscribed, users move on to the onboarding processes delivered via an adapted learning management plugin.

Support Desk
Users can access support via the online forms or the service desk email inbox.


Add a subscription or recurring payment service to your portfolio.