Smart Church Building Supported by Clemark.Technology

The Clemark.Technology Team has supported a Church in Essex to utilise smart technology in the management of it’s building.

From the initials brief we identified four objectives for the project:  

  1. Security of people & the building.
  2. Remote building management.
  3. Monitoring & reducing energy costs.
  4. Improving the congregation’s experience.


With no existing connectivity to the building, Clemark commissioned a fast fibre Internet line to assist with remote management and provide a segregated and secure WIFI network for visitors to the building.

The connection is constantly monitored by our team for uptime and security.

Remote Heating Management

Using Google’s NEST Thermostat over the Internet connection, the building can now be managed remotely to preheat ahead of events.

The Smart thermostat constantly monitors the ambient temperature to maintain a constant level.

New, more efficient electrical heaters were installed and together with sourcing electricity from a renewable energy provider, has reduced the building Carbon Footprint.

Internal & External IP Cameras

To manage security while the building is empty between events, cameras have been installed in both the internal and external parts of the building.  

These can be viewed by a number of the Church’s committee members and have both night vision and an intercom function.

Smart Lighting

Smart lighting has been installed to the exterior of the building which can be controlled remote and also according to a schedule.

This prevents lights accidentally being left on overnight and using excess energy.

The lights can also be activated before representatives arrive on-site, improving safely on dark evenings.

OnGoing Improvements

There continues to be improvements to the building to help meet the primary objectives of the project.

Contact our team for more information.