Alpine Tools Promote their Commitment to Improvement, with Promotional Video

Clemark.Studio helped Alpine Tools Limited promote their ISO 9001 Certification achievement by creating a promotional video which highlights the Improvement Objectives that they have successfully implemented and achieved. 

Alpine Tools Limited provides quality engineering for over 50 years. They specialise in the manufacturing of products produced in house, designed from pressed tools, jig fixtures and components for the automotive sector

The Marketing Project

With the support of Assent’s ISO Consultants, Alpine Tools Limited has been certified to ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management since 2019 with Auva Certification.  In order to help promote their ISO Certification, they approached Clemark.Studios to create a short promotional video that focused on their ISO 9001 Certification and the Improvement Objectives that they have successfully fulfilled. 

Our Approach to ISO Certification Marketing

To start the project, the marketing team spoke to Alpine Tools Limited’s ISO consultant, Kathy Clements of Assent Risk Management, who provided them with Alpine’s Improvement Objectives which became the basis for the structure of the video. From there, Hayden from our marketing team joined Kathy onsite at Alpine Tools to capture some footage of the tool making machinery in action. It also gave them the opportunity to talk to the staff and allow them to explain how the implementation of ISO 9001 has improved their business. 

We also reached out to Alpine’s certification body, Auva, for a quote to add to the video. Michael Venner of Auva Certification happily provided some video footage to be added to the video. 

Once all the footage was captured, the marketing team created a storyboard for the video ensuring the Improvement Objectives were the focus of the video. Once the video was edited together, a final edit was sent to all parties for approval and it was finally posted to Youtube and shared across all social media platforms. 

Benefits for Alpine Tools

By creating a promotional video for Alpine Tools Limited to celebrate their achievement of being ISO 9001 Certified, Clemark.Studio have opened up their marketing range. 

Consumers find videos are easier to digest and they allow the company to show a real-life picture of their operation. Videos are also easy to share across multiple platforms and are great for SEO as they are seen as quality content.

By choosing to include footage & a quote from the Certification Body, there is increased authenticity which helps build credibility and trust.

By focusing on the Improvement Objectives, Alpine Tools have highlighted how their business has improved, displaying that they are constantly evolving and improving.  

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