Planning, Marketing and Hosting 2023 UKConsulting Virtual Awards for UKConsulting

Clemark.Studio managed all elements of the 2023 UKConsulting Virtual Awards, including the planning, marketing and hosting of the event. This included webpage design and creation, monitoring entries, capturing event footage, editing videos, managing email marketing and social media. We also oversaw the impartial judging process, anonymising entries and ensuring the integrity of the awards.

About UKConsulting

UKConsulting is a consultants’ scheme to represent the interests of consultants, providing a group voice to industry stakeholders, and promoting and improving high standards in the Management Consultancy industry. Independent from Certification Bodies, UKConsulting facilitates communication between Management Consultants, Certification Bodies, Accreditation Bodies and other Interested Parties. As well as promoting and facilitating the sharing of best practices and collaboration between member Management Consultants.

Planning the Awards

Clemark.Studio worked with UKConsulting during all stages of planning. During the initial planning phase, we worked with UKConsulting to understand the intended outcomes of the event. One of the main goals was to increase awareness of UKConsulting as well as celebrating excellence in the consulting industry. 

Also during the initial planning phase, we helped them decide on the best way to organise and monitor entries. Once this was agreed upon, Clemark.Studio oversaw the creation of the entry forms and monitored all entries. We also helped UKConsulting approach potential judges, asking for their participation.

The next phase of the planning was organising the best way for the award ceremony to be delivered and the running order of the event. Due to the nature of the event, we decided the best way to deliver the awards would be via a pre-recorded video.

Once the deadline for the entries had passed, Clemark.Studio oversaw the impartial judging process to ensure the integrity of the awards. We anonymised the entries, created a judging form and sent them over to the selected judges. Once all the judging forms were returned, we then ordered the trophies and started filming content for the award ceremony video.  

Marketing the Awards

The marketing for the awards was broken down into four categories; webpage, free resources, email campaigns and Linkedin. 

Webpage & Online Entry Form

Clemark.Studio designed and created the webpage for the 2023 UKconsulting Awards, this included categories, key dates, links to the entry form and marketing resources for entrants and nominees to use. The design was minimalistic, and as it was the first year of the awards, there were limited resources and assets to advertise the event on the webpage. 

Free Resources

On the webpage, we created a link to a folder of free marketing resources for nominees to download and use. The resources that we created included graphics that could be used on social media to advertise entering the 2023 UKConsulting Awards, being nominated and being shortlisted. There were several versions of each design, including ones that could be personalised with company logos. 

Email Campaigns

Clemark.Studios raised awareness of the event through email campaigns, which we created for current members to send to their consultants. The purpose of the email campaign was to announce the opening of the entries of the UKConsutling awards and to notify their consultants of their eligibility to enter the awards.


The biggest marketing resource used for the awards was LinkedIn, with a limited budget we wanted to make use of the free marketing through networking and building a community on LinkedIn. A strategy was made with a focus on building the UKConsulting LinkedIn page and advertising the awards. Clemark.Studio was responsible for all aspects of social media management including; creating graphics for posts, writing post copy, scheduling posts and engaging with comments and shares. 

At the time of launching the awards, the LinkedIn page was just over a month old and had fewer than 50 followers. The outcome of building the LinkedIn page was achieved with a 69% increase in followers from the launch of the awards (17th January) until the award ceremony (31st March), this growth has continued since the event, with an 89.5% increase in followers in the month following the event. 

UKConsulting LinkedIn Page Growth Statistics

17th January – 31st March 31st March – 23rd April
Page Views↑ 1421%↑ 329.5%
Unique Visitors↑ 661.5%↑ 250%
Custom Button Clicks↑ 2500%↑ 33.3%
New Followers↑ 69.09%↑ 156.3%
Reactions↑ 694.1%
Comments↑ 1000%
Reposts↑ 280%
Table showing the statistic of growth of the UKConsulting LinkedIn page.

Hosting the Awards

With the awards being pre-recorded, we had to film with people involved in the award ceremony prior to the evening. Recordings were scheduled and recorded via an online recording platform. Assets for the awards, such as the opening segment, transitions, category announcements, shortlist announcements, winner announcements and adverts were created by our team. A member of our team also ‘hosted’ the event and filmed segments as the host of the awards.

Once all assets were created, the award ceremony was edited together to create the video which was posted to LinkedIn. 

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