Podcast Production and Management for Exploring Standards with Assent Podcast

Clemark.Studios provides podcast production and management services for Exploring Standards with Assent Podcast. Including, creating content. Editing audio files, setting up hosting, and managing hosting and distribution to deliver an informative and engaging podcast.

About Assent Risk Management

Assent Risk Management is a forward-thinking Risk and Resilience Consultancy that champion British and International standards that facilitate international trade, make organisations more effective, and safeguard society.

Their experienced team provides objective advisory and auditing services throughout various fields, such as information security, cyber security, environmental sustainability, health and safety, quality management, and business improvement.

More than just ‘box ticking’, their team works in collaboration with yours to build bespoke management systems, supported by technology and other products, that return real business benefits.

Why Exploring Standards Podcast

One of Assent’s missions is to champion the consultancy industry. Consultants, auditors, clients and people in the consulting and standards industry are always passionate about their work. Assent wanted to provide them with a platform to share their stories and knowledge. 

The launch of Exploring Standards would bring together experts from the consulting industry and create a library full of helpful content for anyone interested in ISO’s, standards and consulting. Covering everything from well-established international standards, as well as newly emerging standards, Assent wanted the podcast to provide industry knowledge and updates. 

Clemark.Studios Production and Management Approach 

Assent approached Clemark.Studios for help with all aspects of the podcast’s production process and management.

During pre-production, Clemark.Studio supported Assent with setting a clear objective for the podcast, selecting the podcast title, podcasting branding, creating the podcast cover art, creating a structure and format and liaising with guests to schedule recording sessions. 

Once the podcast was in the production stage, Clemark.Studio created Streamyard studios to complete all the recordings remotely. Managing all episodes, troubleshooting any technical issues and supporting guests where needed. 

During post-production, Clemark.Studios completed all video and audio editing, including; sound design, transition, intro/outros video assets and mix and mastering. 

Alongside the production of the podcast, Clemark.Studios also supported the management of Exploring Standards. Setting up distribution of the podcast through a hosting platform, posting video episodes to Youtube and audio versions to Podbean. Writing show notes for all episodes and posting news and episode updates to social media. 

Podcast Launch

Assent has been able to successfully launch its podcast Exploring Standards, which is available on multiple podcasting platforms. Clemark.Studios are still providing production and management services to support the continuation of Exploring Standards.

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