Podcast Production and Management for Talk’n TRM for Bex Deadman

Clemark.Studios provides podcast production and management services to ISO 31030 Consultant Bex Deadman, including, podcast branding, production, editing, distribution and social media marketing. 

About Bex Deadman

Bex Deadman has been in the travel industry for over 15 years and has extensive experience in all aspects of travel. After noticing the gap between what clients want and what the trade offers, she determined to help all organisations adopt TRM. Bex specialises in ISO 31030, the Travel Risk Management Standard, helping companies comprehend it, align with it and benefit from it. 

Why Talk’n TRM? 

Bex wanted to create a podcast that shows the importance of TRM in organisations. The idea behind Talk’n TRM was to create a platform for experts in the industry to share their stories and advice. 

Bex knew that people in the travel risk management industry were passionate about travel risk and usually, the reason behind this is because of a personal experience. Through these stories, Bex wanted to show that TRM was more than just protecting the organisation, but also protecting the people in the organisation. 

Bex Approaches Clemark.Studio 

When Bex approached Clemark.Studio, she already had a clear objective, episode structure and guest list for the podcast. She needed support with branding, production, distribution and marketing. Clemark Studios assigned Digital Marketer, Jess to the project, liaising with Bex to ensure all aspects of the podcast aligned with her objective. 

Clemark.Studios Approach to Podcast Production and Management

Because Bex already had a guest list, structure and objective for the podcast, pre-production included creating a podcast name, brand strategy, brand assets and cover art. 

Once the branding was complete, production began, as Bex’s guests were located all around the world, Clemark.Studio used Streamyard’s online recording studio to complete all the recordings remotely. Jess worked in the background, managing all episodes, troubleshooting any technical issues and supporting guests where needed. 

It was decided that an introductory episode should be created, which followed the structure of the podcast series and give an example for listeners and future guests of what to expect. So, Jess joined Bex on episode 0 and took the place of the host, asking Bex the three podcast questions; What do you do? Why are you in TRM? And What’s your golden nugget of advice?

During post-production, Clemark.Studios completed all video and audio editing, including; sound design, transition, intro/outros video assets and mix and mastering. 

Alongside the production of the podcast, Clemark.Studios also supported the management of Talk’n TRM. Including Setting up a podcast hosting platform and distributing the podcast to various platforms, posting video episodes to Youtube, writing show notes for all episodes and posting news and episode updates to social media. 

Successful Launch of Talk’n TRM

Talk’n TRM was successfully launched in February 2023 and is available on multiple podcasting platforms. Clemark.Studios are still providing production and management services to support the continuation of Talk’n TRM.  We have just recorded our 20th episode, with the full intention of taking the podcast into 2024 and beyond.

Bex’s Feedback

Ever since getting into the Trave Risk Management space I’ve been amazed by just how many incredible people have been working tirelessly in this space helping to keep people and companies safe in a variety of different situations all over the world….unless it’s a humanitarian crisis we very rarely hear about it and we certainly don’t appreciate the work that happens behind the scenes.

I knew that I had the guests, I had an idea about how I wanted to podcast to run and I was happy to be the host, all things you need to be comfortable with when setting up a show, but as for any kind of technical ability, I’m not only lacking in experience but in all honesty this isn’t my skill set, I’d do it if I had to – but I was really concerned about the quality of the end product and how long it would take me.  

After discussing the idea with Jess and explaining my gaps in knowledge, we came up with a plan for Clermark to support all of the technical side including social media, leaving me free to organise guests, invites and prepare the content for the shows. Using Streamyard has been brilliant and we record well ahead, which means there’s no stress when we are recording, my guests join the recording, have a chat with me for half an hour and that’s it – hopefully a relaxing experience for all.  I literally couldn’t do this without Clemark.Studio and Jess, but the content was important and I needed to get it out there, working like this is perfect and I’d recommend them over and over again.

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