Assent Consultants Meet on Campus

Consultants from across the country met up for the first time since COVID-19 restrictions to discuss the ISO Consultancy Industry and catch-up on Assent’s latest news.

Those further afield joined the meeting using Microsoft Teams.

Assent’s central admin team gave an update on key measures covering the period since coronavirus, noting a strong recovery in enquiries and fee days.

An update was also given on the group’s training and development business Lorators, with the announcement of a new training partnership to provide IRCA Accredited ISO Auditor Courses.

During the second part of the meeting, the group discussed the impart of remote working on family life, with many noting the significant benefits of working from home for both consultants and clients.

It was also discussed that a number of ISO certification bodies are returning to on-site audits as their first preference, particularly for stage 2 and recertification assessments.


  • Assent’s Consultants meet regularly to share news and updates from the industry.
  • The meeting on 20th October 2021 was held at our London Campus.
  • The Assent Risk Management business uses directly employed and sub-contracted consultants to service a broad range of industries, disciplines and locations.
  • Assent Risk Management is Clemark’s ISO Consultancy business, helping clients achieve ISO Certification.