Competence Management & People Development

Management Consultants, Auditors and other professionals across our businesses must meet defined competence requirements to work with clients.

To evidence their competence we have built an industry leading competence management and people development programme based on ISO 10015, backed by a technology platform that provide instant verification of competence.

ISO Consultant Recruitment

Our Approach to Competence 

Evidence of Competence

Records of competence fall into the following categories:

  • Qualification = A formal training course from a recognised provider, resulting in a certificate.
  • Experience = Verifiable work experience as an employee or a consultant.
  • Reference = A documented reference from an employer or client or a Case Study.
  • Membership  = Membership of a recognised professional body.
  • Witnessed Work = A written statement by a competent person who has witnessed the work.
  • Peer Review = For new standards or those without established qualification programmes it may be relevant to reference the hours spent participating in our workshops.  

Our Competency Schemes

The criteria for key competencies are set out below: