Carbon Emissions

Assent Calculates Carbon Emissions per Audit, includes data on Client Reports

Risk Management Consultancy Assent has taken a further step in the journey to managing its carbon footprint by calculating the carbon emissions generated per internal audit and including that data on each client-facing report.

This forms part of the wider Clemark Group TOGETHER programme which is committed to reducing the environmental impacts of our business.

Calculating Carbon Emissions from Internal Audits

By embedding carbon emission data within the contract tracking tool, Assent can account for travel, accommodation, work-from-home and other emissions generated by delivering consultancy and auditing services to clients.

The company uses the “​​UK Government GHG Conversion Factors for Company Reporting” conversion factors, which are updated annually.  

Adding this data to a new section within internal audit reports provides complete transparency to clients and encourages them to support Assent’s objectives.

Reducing and Offsetting Emissions

The carbon tracker and dashboard help Assent’s Central Admin office make green decisions when planning consultancy visits and internal audits.

The company also uses this carbon footprint data to offset emissions through the group’s TOGETHER programme, including supporting tree planting and other projects with Ecologi.

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This is just a small step towards improving the company’s environmental performance. 

To find out more about our carbon management programme or to talk about managing carbon in your business, please contact us.