Cert Bodies Website

Clemark Creative Redevelop CertBodies Site

The creative team at Clemark have redeveloped a website dedicated to the ISO Certification process.

The site, www.certbodies.co.uk, was first published in 2016 and is designed to help organisations understand the ISO Certification process, find certification bodies and access impartial advice.

Content includes a randomly-ordered list of certification bodies for popular ISO standards and a number of blogs discussing specific certification issues.

However the site’s main objective has been to drive certification enquiries in to our ISO Consultancy, Assent Risk Management, who can then help clients compare quotes from certification bodies.

While this provides the client with impartial advice and knowledge of the certification industry, it also introduces them to consultancy services and support that they may need to maintain the certification.

Advice on ISO Certification and quote comparisons is offered free-of-charge.