Clemark.Support Makes Service Desk Core to the Group

Clemark Group has made its service desk a core part of the business with Clemark.Support rebrand.

The Service Desk has been a key part of the Assent Risk Management offering for many years, being particularly embedded within our competent person, and other, subscription services but also supporting managed services through automated reminders and routine tasks. 

However, over the years the scope of the service desk has expanded to include support for web-platforms across the group including Digital.Lorators and

More recently Clemark Group has signed contracts directly with clients, to provide support to their end-users.

What’s Changing

Existing help desk users will not be impacted by the change but may notice the newly branded portal and email responses.  The same reliable team will be available to service requests.

However, by making the Service Desk a core group function we will be focusing more resources on improving the service and making it more efficient. 


If you have any questions about how this might affect you or if you’d like to discuss how our support desk can help your business, contact us.