Creative Team Launch new Client Site

The Clemark Creative team has launched a new client site for Thundersley Christian Spiritualist Church in Essex.

The new site is mobile friendly and uses a leading Events plugin to promote forthcoming events.

Marketing Automation

The creative team also utilised RSS feeds from the Events calendar to automate email marketing to mailing list subscribers, to promote the forthcoming events at the Church.

Driving Donations

A key challenge for the Church is to drive online donations for it’s live streams and content. The COVID-19 period has been particularly challenging for no-profit organisations that rely on real-life events and good-will donations to survive.

The new website puts a DONATE button prominently at the top of each page, which takes users to a PayPal Payment Gateway.

In addition, the site includes information on what the donations are used for, as well as the legal structure of the organisation, to remain transparent.