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Clemark platform, has unveiled its brand-new Subscription Services Hub, powered by Assent Risk Management. This innovative hub offers a wide range of services to improve firms’ compliance and productivity. The self-serve, subscription model meets the demands of UK-based businesses looking for quick access to knowledgeable resources about data security, ISO support, and health and safety.’s Subscription Services Hub enables companies to easily maintain compliance, strengthen security protocols, and boost operational effectiveness.

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Tailored Solutions for Diverse Business Needs

The Subscription Services Hub offered by serves businesses from a range of sectors. The hub’s services are organised into three different support tiers. The purpose of the subscription model is to provide companies with the scalability and flexibility they need to personalise their subscriptions and make sure they comply with their particular legal obligations. 

Businesses that subscribe will obtain a Certificate of Service and be added to our Contract Database, which allows customers to verify your coverage online. 

Services Available 

The Subscription Services Hub offers three services: 

Health & Safety Competent Person

Ensuring a safe and healthy work environment is paramount for every organisation. With’s Subscription Services Hub, companies can easily connect with a qualified, Health & Safety Competent Person and comply with health and safety regulations.

Outsourced Data Protection Officer

In an increasingly digital world, data protection has become a critical concern for businesses of all sizes.’s Subscription Services Hub provides access to a proficient data protection officer who can help your organisation establish and maintain robust data protection practices.  Comply with GDPR regulations with a dedicated Outsourced Data Protection Officer (DPO). 

Risk Assist Helpdesk – ISO Support

The Risk Assist Helpdesk, powered by Assent, offers a tailored, cost-effective consultancy solution. Through an online ticket system, clients can easily access experienced consultants for prompt responses, irrespective of location.  

Each service is available in 3 levels of support

Basic ProfessionalAdvanced
Health & Safety Competent Person 4 Hrs p/m
Suitable for Service based businesses up to 20 staff
Recommended 1 location.
-8 Hrs p/m
– Suitable for Service-based businesses up to 20 staff
– Recommended 1 location.
– 16hrs p/m
– Suitable for Service-based businesses up to 20 staff
– Recommended 1 location.
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Outsourced Data Protection Officer (DPO)– 4 Hrs p/m
– Suitable for Service based businesses up to 20 staff — Handling minimal personal information.
– 8 hrs p/m
– Suitable for service-based business or low-risk production with 20 – 40 staff
– Handling some sensitive personal information.
– 16hrs p/m
– Suitable for General Construction and manufacturing businesses 40+
– Handling larger volumes of Personal Information.
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Risk Assist Helpdesk – 1 hrs consultancy p/m
– Suitable for businesses with a good understanding of their compliance regime and in-house resources, but may need occasional access to competent advice on international standards and risk.
– 2 hrs consultancy p/m
– Suitable for businesses with some understanding of their compliance regime and require more frequent questions about international standards and risks.
– 3 hrs consultancy p/m
– Suitable for businesses who do not have an in-house compliance resource and have regular questions or require template documentation.
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The launch of’s Subscription Services Hub aims to simplify and streamline essential services for UK businesses. Whether it’s securing competent persons in health and safety, data protection officers, or seeking ISO support, these specialized professionals can now be accessed conveniently through a single platform. Embrace the innovative solution provided by’s Subscription Services Hub to reinforce compliance, safeguard data, and attain ISO certification, allowing organisations to concentrate on core operations. Elevate your organisation’s safety, security, and operational efficiency today.

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